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Buyer Services:

Buyers often start their home search on Zillow or or another website.  If a property interests them, they can request more information from an agent whose profile appears next to the listing.  That is how many buyers connect with the real estate agent they work with. 

A photo of a house and a photo of an agent…  If you break it down, that’s an odd way for buyers to select the professional who will be assisting them with such a major purchase.  And odds are they won’t purchase the house they clicked on.   

We think there’s a better way.  We sign a representation agreement with our buyer clients that puts in place a two-way commitment to work together to get the job done right, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many homes we show.  In return for their loyalty, our buyers receive a rebate of a portion of the home price (usually 1%) if they do buy. 

While we encourage buyers to check out listings on the internet on their own, we also run custom searches to zero in on the right properties.  As a member of the Real Estate Board and the MLS it operates, we have access to much more detailed and refined search screens and can filter out properties that are not suitable and focus on those that are. 

When a buyer decides a home they were shown is the right one, we go to work preparing the offer contract and negotiating the price and other details of the transaction, working exclusively with Florida Association of Realtors / Florida Bar approved forms.  We remain completely hands on right through closing and any follow-up needed afterwards. 

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