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Buyer Rebates:


As a general rule, buyer brokers and agents are not directly compensated when their client purchases a home.  Compensation for buyer brokers and agents is paid by the seller's broker, who shares a portion of their commission with the buyer side. 


We are pleased to offer buyers who work through our company a rebate (typically 1.0%) on the purchase price of a home and paid from the compensation we receive from the seller's broker.  Any home listed for sale with any broker can be eligible for a rebate.  


In exchange for this great benefit, after we have shown a buyer several homes and they are satisfied with our service and professionalism, we ask them to agree to work with us exclusively in their home search.  There is no obligation to purchase a home, but buyers agree to allow us to represent them if they do buy.  A representation and rebate agreement ensures that we will be paid for the work we perform and formalizes our commitment to share part of the compensation we receive as a buyer rebate.

Here are typical rebates on home purchases at different prices.  Buyers can receive their rebate as cash or apply it to their closing costs.  

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